Let’s Share

Buat kalian para visitor yang terhormat !! *waduh waduh ,, !!* kalo mw bertanya/ngobrol/marah”/ngekritik/ngasih saran/ ato apalah whatever ama ako ,, disini ajj yagh ,,

ntr bakalan ako bales n trima ajj kok ,, hhe*

Mian ,, kata” na singkat bgd cuz ako plg kgk bisa ngerangkai kata *halah ! sinetron abis dah !!*



  1. 1st comment in this page ?
    hehehe . . I just wanna say, keep fighting !
    terus share !!!

    best regards : Brian ^^

    • yup … makasih buat semangadnya … ^^

  2. annyeonghaseo~ hehe

    • anyeong !! ^^
      makasih udah mau mampir !! ^^
      nama kamo siapa ???

  3. do u have affiliate..
    want to change,,
    find me on http://13flowerboys.wordpress.com
    new fansite for SUJU

    • thanks for coming …
      I’ll come to your site too … ^o^

    • please affiliate me..

      url- http://13flowerboys.wordpress.com
      description- We’ll Give What You Want
      Name- E.L.F.es’ Favourite

      have a visit at http://13flowerboys.wordpress.com/affiliate/

      I would like to change my affiliate with yours..
      Is it okay??

      • i’d added ur site in our’s
        feel free to take out any of our post..
        but,,please leave the credits on us

  4. please promote this news..
    please,, i need ur help..
    link to here:

    • thanks for everything .. ^^

  5. thanks for your help before..
    i need another help..
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    really need ur help..
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  6. haloo~ aku bebey. hm, aku sering liat kamu di KH. salam kenal yah. 🙂

    • owh lam kenal bebey …
      ako fee .. ^^
      ako juga sering koq liat kamo di KH tapi kita jarang OL bareng yah … 😦
      ntar kapan2 ngobrol di talk ini here yah …. ^^

  7. wa~ background blog’s title nya keren.. hehe. like it 🙂

    • Oya ??
      Wah … Thanks yah bey hhe* ^^

  8. buat ttg leeteuk dUnk >_<

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