Posted by: FeeDyA 동해 | 21 August 2009

Sengil Chukhamnida Kibum !!! ^^

saengil chukha hamnida
saengil chukha hamnida
jur guh wun Saengireul
saengil chukha hamnida


Happy Birthday Kibum Oppa !! I hope you get everything you wish on your be’dey !! ^^
n i hope you will comeback soon with Super Junior n can perform together again …. ^^
I Love You full Kibum n Suju !!! 😀


  1. saengil cukhae kibum ~

    smg dgn senyuman itu, kmu masih bisa bersinar atas nama SUJU !
    hwaiting !

    • amiinnn … ^^

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